Appmixer, an innovative automation software, faced the challenge of effectively communicating its powerful capability to streamline automated workflows by integrating hundreds of applications into a unified platform. To address this, a project was initiated to create an engaging explainer video that would illustrate the simplicity and efficiency Appmixer brings to diverse business processes.


  1. Clear Communication: Effectively communicate the value proposition of Appmixer as a comprehensive automation solution.

  2. User Engagement: Generate interest and excitement among potential users, highlighting the ease of use and versatility of Appmixer.

  3. Positioning as a Solution: Showcase the software’s ability to streamline workflows by integrating multiple applications.

To achieve our goal I did the following: 

  • I wrote a compelling script that would resonate with the target audience.

  • The video incorporated a mix of the Appmixer interface, animations, and graphics to illustrate the software’s functionality. The visuals showcased the diverse range of applications and software that could be integrated, emphasizing the software’s adaptability to various business needs.

  • The video was meticulously edited to maintain a brisk pace while allowing viewers to absorb the information.


The explainer video for Appmixer achieved notable success:

  1. Increased Awareness:  The video garnered attention from both existing users and a new audience, leading to heightened awareness of Appmixer’s capabilities.

  2. Versatile usage: The video is capable as a stand-alone header video and can be implemented in most marketing campaigns.

  3. Positioned as a Solution: The video showcased the software’s capabilities and highlights Appmixer’s value proposition.

End of project

The creation of an explainer video proved instrumental in effectively communicating the features and benefits of Appmixer’s automation software. By combining technical details with visually appealing storytelling, Appmixer successfully showcased its innovation and positioned itself as a go-to solution for businesses seeking a unified and streamlined approach to workflow automation.

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