Bommen Berend

The Siege of Groningen in 1672, a historically significant event for the city of Groningen, faced the risk of fading into obscurity due to a lack of engaging digital content. To address this, Hanze Hogeschool contracted me to create a concise explainer video lasting no more than one minute.

 ” Key events and personalities were carefully selected to feature in the video, ensuring a coherent and engaging storyline within the one-minute timeframe. Historical paintings and photographs were curated to visually complement the narrative, providing authenticity and a connection to the 17th-century era. “

Boyd Veger

Animation Producer


The objective was to utilize historical paintings and photographs to captivate audiences and spark interest in this pivotal moment in history.


  1. Condense the essence of the Siege of Groningen (1672) into a one-minute video.
  2. Utilize historical paintings and photographs to create a visually compelling narrative.
  3. Share the video across various social media platforms to reach a broad audience.

To achieve our goal I did the following: 

  • The script focused on a concise and engaging storytelling structure, highlighting pivotal moments of the Siege of Groningen.
  • Curated a collection of historical paintings and engravings from the 17th century that vividly portrayed the Siege of Groningen.
  • A professional local narrator with a young voice was chosen to convey the script concisely.

End of project

The one-minute explainer video quickly gained traction on social media, achieving the following outcomes:

  1. Wide Audience Reach: The video garnered thousands of views and shares across different platforms, reaching a diverse audience.
  2. Increased Interest: Viewers expressed interest in learning more about the Siege of Groningen (1672), leading to heightened engagement with related content.
  3. Educational Impact: The concise format made 17th-century history accessible to a younger audience, fostering a renewed interest in this historical event and similar occurrences of the time.

End of project

The success of this one-minute explainer video underscores the effectiveness of concise storytelling and visual appeal in bringing historical events like the Siege of Groningen (1672) to a modern, digital audience. By leveraging historical paintings and engravings effectively, the video achieved its goal of reviving interest in this historical siege and making the past accessible to a broader demographic.

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