JetOUT offers a unique approach to private aviation through jet co-ownership, allowing customers to share ownership of a private jet. This innovative model provides the luxury and convenience of private flying at a fraction of the cost of full ownership.

Business or private?

JetOUT has an amazing value proposition, but their ideal customers are hard to reach. So how can we make a video that ensures both? 

It is important to set out specific objectives:

  1. Establishing a Premium Feel: The video needed to reflect the luxurious and exclusive nature of private jet travel.
  2. Incorporating Jets in the Animation: Accurately depicting JetOUT’s fleet in a way that was both visually appealing and true to the brand.
  3. Proposing Their Value: Clearly presenting the benefits and cost-effectiveness of jet co-ownership to potential customers.

To achieve our goal I did the following: 

  • Styled every element according to fit within the JetOUT branding guidelines.
  • Designed detailed illustrations and models of JetOUT’s jet fleet, ensuring accuracy and visual appeal.
  • Used smooth, elegant transitions and animations to maintain a luxurious feel.


The final animated explainer video successfully captures JetOUT’s unique value proposition and premium brand image. Key outcomes included:

  1. Increased website engagement: The explainer video was prominently featured on JetOUT’s website and social media channels, leading to higher engagement rates and longer site visits.
  2. Improved conversion rates: Potential customers reported a better understanding of JetOUT’s services, resulting in increased inquiries and conversions.
  3. Brand elevation: he video reinforced JetOUT’s position as a premium service provider in the private aviation market, enhancing brand perception and customer trust.


The creation of the animated explainer video for JetOUT was a successful project that met all challenges head-on. By focusing on premium aesthetics, accurate representations of the jets, and clear communication of the value proposition, the video effectively supports JetOUT’s marketing efforts and contributes to their business growth.

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