OneUp, a dynamic and forward-thinking company, recognized the need to attract top talent to fuel its growth. Seeking an innovative approach to introducing the company culture, values, and opportunities, oneUp envisioned an explainer video that would not only serve as a recruitment tool but also encapsulate the company’s energy and vision.

 ” It’s been a very cool project to work on from the ideation and coordination of the storyboard and the process of seeing it come to life with the help. Thank you guys for the work you put into it and for taking all the feedback and adapting it to get us to this final amazing piece of content! “

oneUp marketeer


  1. Introduction and Branding: Create a visually appealing explainer video to introduce oneUp as a company, showcasing its values, culture, and mission.

  2. Recruitment Focus: Attract potential employees by highlighting the unique & innovative aspects of oneUp.

  3. Engagement and Memorability: Use typography and visuals to ensure the video is memorable, engaging, and shares the essence of oneUp with a broad audience.

To achieve our goal I did the following: 

To achieve our goal I did the following: 

  • Integrated animation techniques to bring the typography to life, adding movement and flow to the video.
  • Worked with a skilled graphic design team to create visually striking typography that aligned with “oneUp’s” brand identity.


The typography-filled explainer video for “oneUp” achieved its objectives:

  • Introduction and Branding: Effectively introduced oneUp as a vibrant and innovative company with a unique culture.
  • Recruitment Focus: Attracting potential candidates to explore job opportunities at oneUp.
  • Engagement and Memorability: The visual appeal of the typography-filled video contributed to its memorability, making it stand out in the minds of viewers.

End of project

The typography-filled explainer video emerged as a powerful tool for “oneUp” to communicate its essence and attract top talent. By combining creative typography with a compelling narrative, the video not only served as a recruitment asset but also reinforced “oneUp’s” brand image as a forward-thinking and exciting workplace. This case study showcases the effectiveness of employing innovative visual elements to convey a company’s culture and values in a concise and engaging manner.

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