Perium developed an all-in-one security software focused on risk management. Recognizing the need to effectively communicate the complex features and benefits of their product, Perium sought to create an explainer video that would serve as a key marketing tool, educating potential clients on the significance of their security solution.

 ” Fast, reliable, pleasant collaboration and creative. “

Arjan Kremer

CEO Perium


  1. Clarity and Understanding: Develop an explainer video that simplifies the technical aspects of Perium’s all-in-one security software, making it accessible to a broad audience.

  2. Highlighting Key Features: Showcase the unique features and benefits of Perium’s product, emphasizing its role in comprehensive risk management.

  3. Building Trust and Credibility: Establish Perium as a trustworthy and innovative leader in the risk-management space, instilling confidence in potential clients.

To Achieve our goal I did the following:

  • Collaborated closely with Perium’s subject matter experts to understand the technical nuances of the security software.
  • Used a technological and modern design aesthetic to enhance the overall visual appeal of the video.
  • Selected a voiceover artist with a tone that conveyed both professionalism and approachability.


The explainer video for Perium successfully achieved its objectives:

  • Clarity and Understanding: Effectively communicated complex cybersecurity concepts in a manner accessible to a broad audience.

  • Highlighting Key Features: Showcased the unique features and benefits of Perium’s all-in-one security software, emphasizing its role in risk management.

  • Building Trust and Credibility: The video contributed to Perium’s image as a trustworthy and innovative leader in the cybersecurity sector.

End of project

Crafting an explainer video proved to be a strategic move for Perium, allowing them to effectively communicate the value of their all-in-one security software. By combining technical accuracy with engaging visuals, Perium successfully positioned itself as a reliable partner in comprehensive risk management. This case study highlights the importance of leveraging multimedia tools to simplify complex offerings and establish credibility in a competitive industry.

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