Van Maaren

Van Maaren is a consignment company specializing in the resale of high-quality, pre-owned items. Despite having a unique business model, they were facing challenges in communicating their value proposition effectively to potential clients and consignors. The need for a clear and engaging way to explain their process led them to explore the creation of an explainer video.

Deal or no deal?

The goal of the video is to showcase to potential sellers why Van Maaren is the best choice for consignment. But how can we convince the viewer of this?

To make a project like this run successful it is important to hit specific objectives:

  1. Communicate the benefits of consigning with Van Maaren.
  2. Educate potential clients on the consignment process.
  3. Increase brand awareness and trust.

To achieve our goal I did the following: 

  • I created a custom color palette & style, one that looks modern, but very corporate and clean.
  • The script focused on outlining the benefits of consigning, the transparency of the process, and the potential financial gains.
  • Many calls with Van Maaren.


The explainer video significantly contributed to the success of SecondWave Treasures’ consignment efforts. Key outcomes included:

  1. Increased website engagement: The video led to a noticeable increase in the time spent on the website as viewers sought more information about consigning.
  2. Improved conversion rates: Potential consignors reported a better understanding of the process, resulting in higher conversion rates for new consignments.
  3. Enhanced brand perception: The professional and informative video contributed to a positive perception of Van Maaren as a transparent and trustworthy consignment partner.

End of project

Creating an explainer video proved to be an effective solution for Van Maaren to communicate their value proposition and streamline the consignment process. The success of this initiative highlights the power of visual storytelling in enhancing brand communication and driving business results.

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