Global Supply Network

Vanderlande, a prominent global player in logistics process automation, sought to showcase its innovative Global Supply Network to potential investors. Recognizing the need for a compelling narrative, they embarked on creating an explainer video to illustrate the transformative impact of their advanced logistics solutions in warehousing, airports, and the parcel sectors.


  1. Highlight Global Supply Network: Illuminate the capabilities and advantages of Vanderlande’s Global Supply Network as a revolutionary approach to global logistics.

  2. Engage Investors: Craft a visually compelling and informative video aimed at capturing the attention and interest of potential investors.

  3. Showcase Future-Proof Solutions: Illustrate how Vanderlande’s logistics automation solutions provide a future-proof foundation for businesses in a rapidly evolving global market.

To achieve our goal I did the following: 

  • The script focused on emphasizing the efficiency, scalability, and adaptability of the Global Supply Network.

  • The video incorporated a mix of isometric illustrations and infographics to create a visually engaging experience.

  • Subtle animations and transitions enhanced the viewer’s understanding of the Global Supply Network’s capabilities. The final product was optimized for high-quality presentation on various devices.


The explainer video for Vanderlande’s Global Supply Network yielded positive outcomes:

  • Investor Engagement: Potential investors responded positively to the informative and visually appealing video, showcasing interest in Vanderlande’s advanced logistics solutions.

  • Increased Visibility: The video garnered attention on social media platforms, increasing Vanderlande’s visibility within the logistics and investment communities.

  • Enhanced Brand Perception: The professional and innovative presentation contributed to a positive perception of Vanderlande as a market leader in logistics process automation.

End of project

The success of this explainer video demonstrates the strategic fusion of technical expertise and investor-focused storytelling. Vanderlande effectively communicated the transformative potential of their Global Supply Network to a broad audience, solidifying their position as a key player in shaping the future of global logistics.

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