Zip, the innovator behind the world’s leading Intake-to-Procure solution, aimed to disrupt the B2B purchasing landscape. Tasked with communicating the groundbreaking nature of their solution, they embarked on a project to create an explainer video that not only showcased their technology but also conveyed the consumer-grade user experience they brought to the world of B2B purchasing.


  1. Introduce Intake-to-Procure Solution: Clearly communicate the unique features and advantages of Zip’s Intake-to-Procure solution in simplifying and enhancing the B2B purchasing process.

  2. Highlight Consumer-Grade Experience: Showcase the user-friendly interface and intuitive design that sets Zip’s solution apart, emphasizing a consumer-grade experience for B2B customers.

  3. Create Market Awareness: Generate awareness within the B2B industry about the revolutionary nature of Zip’s solution, positioning it as a game-changer in the procurement space.

To achieve our goal I did the following: 

  • The script focused on presenting the Intake-to-Procure solution as a seamless and intuitive tool for B2B purchasers. It emphasized the efficiency, transparency, and ease of use that set Zip apart from traditional procurement methods.

  • The visuals highlighted the user interface, interactive features, and the overall simplicity of Zip’s solution.

  • A professional narrator with a tone that balanced technical expertise and user-friendly appeal was selected. Background music complemented the video’s pace, enhancing the overall viewing experience and reinforcing Zip’s commitment to a seamless user journey.


The explainer video for Zip’s Intake-to-Procure solution achieved notable success:

  1. Increased Industry Interest: B2B professionals expressed heightened interest in Zip’s innovative solution, evidenced by increased inquiries and engagement.

  2. Enhanced Brand Perception: The video contributed to positioning Zip as a frontrunner in bringing consumer-grade experiences to B2B purchasing, elevating their brand perception.

  3. Improved Conversion Rates: The clear and engaging video led to an increase in conversions, with businesses opting for Zip’s Intake-to-Procure solution.

End of project

The success of this explainer video reflects the effective translation of Zip’s groundbreaking Intake-to-Procure solution into a narrative that resonates with B2B professionals. By combining technical details with a focus on user experience, Zip successfully communicated the transformative nature of their solution, positioning themselves as leaders in the evolution of B2B purchasing.

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